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  • What is the registered office?

      4th Floor, Parkview Tower
      21 Putney Way
      Manukau City


  • What is the date of Incorporation?

      17 July, 2001


  • Who are the Foundation’s Accountants?

      Davies Accountants


Q & A

  • Who are the Bankers?

      ANZ Bank
      Manukau City

  • Who are the Solicitors?

      Bell Gully Auckland
      New Zealand


  • Who are the Trustees?

      John S Edilson
      Annette Barlow
      Adrian Davies
      Stephen Davies


Settlors & Trustees


David and Joanne Davies - Settlors

David and Joanne established the Foundation in 2001. Following David's death in 2011, Joanne retired as trustee and the current trustees, listed below, continue the vision for this charity.



Annette Barlow - Trustee

Annette Barlow is a Chartered Accountant, Company Director and Bible Teacher living in Auckland New Zealand. She has a great love for children of all ages. Annette is married to Paul and has four children.



John Edilson - Trustee

John is a Company Director based in Christchurch. He enjoys spending time with his family when not attending to his various business interests. John is married to Sandra and has two daughters.



Stephen Davies - Trustee

Stephen is a businessman and Company Director. He has spent several years in full time ministry in a church in South Auckland. He lives with his wife, Leanne and they have three adult daughters.



Adrian Davies - Trustee

Adrian is a Chartered Accountant, and a Company Director. He lives in Auckland with his wife Stephanie and four children.

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